Step 2 of 2 - Schedule Your Free Acceleration Call
Step 2/2 - Schedule Your Free Call


You're One Step Away From Finally Getting Your Playing

Where You Always Wanted It To Be. GUARANTEED

You're One Step Away From Finally Getting Your Playing Where You Always Wanted It To Be. GUARANTEED

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Step 2/2: Schedule Your Free Acceleration Call

Your answers will remain completely confidential and are used to prepare a strategy for you prior to the call.

Your answers will remain completely confidential and are used to prepare a strategy for you prior to the call.

Currently dealing with high call volume right now. If fully booked, please bookmark and try again tomorrow! Apologies for any inconvenience.

What You Will Learn On Your Free Acceleration Call:

Technique Refinement

Whether you're looking to master fast alternate picking, improve your legato, or perfect your sweeps, during your acceleration call we'll have a look at your current situation and set you on a path to success.

Custom Training Plan

Say goodbye to boring and unproductive practice. By pinpointing exactly where you need improvement, we'll craft a set of exercises tailored specifically to your technical needs and musical interests.

Achievement Strategies

By learning how to identify specific barriers that are holding you back, you'll break through those plateaus and achieve your goals. Mainly if you've been feeling stuck with your playing for a long time.

You don’t need to be a guitar virtuoso to excel with this course.

You don’t need decades of experience.

You don’t need to have mastered every music theory book out there.

All you need is a passion for guitar and a readiness to improve, and this course along with personalized mentorship will guide you there.

You’ll learn the most effective strategies for getting your playing where it deserves to be, GUARANTEED.

There’s truly nothing like Modern Guitar Course available anywhere.

It is a direct, straightforward, and proven system for getting your playing to that advanced level after all those years.

See the transformations achieved by guitarists just like you:

"I've learnt so much from you Lukas. I'm so fricking happy, this is insane."

Andrew Vollman

"It's been a blast man, you've taught me so much. I'm forever grateful."

Jomar Difuntorum

"This 8-Weeks was one of the best things that ever happened to me with my guitar."

Artem Vsevishniy

"Band mates: “How do you do that?!” What can I say, I've got the best teacher!"

Rob Acevedo

"Before joining the programme, I was stuck in a rut, almost ready to give up guitar."

Fabio Mottolini

"If you want to start enjoying playing again, you're in the right place."

Johan Leon

"I've spent loads of money before our lessons and it never made click. Since I'm here with you, it's all clear now."

Thomas Andjelic

"This's been f*cking awesome, really enjoyed it, feel like I've made a lot of progress."

Terym Surratt

"Went to studio, played over the track and they asked me: Wait a minute, how long have you been taking those classes?!"

Cornbread Jones

"When you want to get serious in gym, you hire a coach. Working with Lukas is like hiring a guitar coach."

Matt Chudzinski

"I've spent thousands of $$$ on guitar courses and this one is the most direct path to getting better."

Joseph Vitale

"I have to say, I noticed the improvements since the first week I started working with Lukas."

Cristian Urraca

"I was struggling with applying the theory, hit the wall my speed and chops. Man, I've seen results just after two weeks."

Max Lebsack

"I finally got it and I feel like those few months I’ve waited were completely wasted."

Joe Ricci

"This course is unlike anything I've ever taken man."

Luke Weston

"In 4 weeks I've got much better than I have in last couple of years."

Sebastian Sampson

"The approach Lukas has to theory is much clearer than anything I've seen out there."

Sebastian de las Heras

"Thanks to MGC my passion is back and I'm really enjoying playing again."

Dale Mass

"Lukas is combining theory with technique and everything's followed by licks."

Aftab Lateef

"Everything was clear and I started seeing improvement within the first week."

James Macdonald

"Amazing content, amazing course, Lukas does a great job on it."

Ed Del Bianco

Also Rated ''Excellent'' On TrustPilot

Here's what's included:

  • Clear action plan tailored to your goals

  • Personalized calls to support you on your journey

  • Mastering modern guitar techniques to elevate your playing

  • Finally understanding and utilizing the theory as your strongest weapon

  • Learn how to craft headbanging riffs and solos that stand out

  • Enjoy 50+ practice tracks designed to improve your skills while having fun

  • Exclusive software discounts to enhance your musician's toolkit

  • Unlimited access to future content updates

The Endgame? You become a player who has the ultimate control over the instrument. You'll experience a newfound passion for playing, with noticeable improvements in as little as 7 days.

Your results are guaranteed or your money back. Members get access to 1-1 acceleration calls, weekly group sessions, access to all modules, bonus content, and a community of guitarists just like you.

If you want to get your playing where you never thought possible, then schedule a call TODAY. The struggle ends now.




Lukas Kocka

With over 18+ years of experience, hundreds of thousands views on social media and being featured by many recognisable brands, I have developed a comprehensive course to help intermediate guitar players become the ultimate shredders.

There Are Now 3 Simple Options:

There Are Now

3 Simple Options:


Do nothing and go backwards

In my eyes, stagnation means regression. Take it from nature: if tree or grass is not beautifully green and growing, it's dying. The same applies to our life and to guitar as well.


Try to figure out yourself

This can work for few people. The rest find themselves running into the same walls, feeling like they're on a never-ending loop, and ultimately just burning their precious time.


Change your life by making the decision today!

When you become a member, you will unlock a proven pathway to success tried & tested by 1,000+ guitarists experiencing insane results.

Book Your Free Acceleration Call

Book Your Free Acceleration Call


You Now Have

3 Simple Options:

👎 OPTION 1: DO NOTHING AND GO BACKWARDS... In my eyes, stagnation means regression. Take it from nature: if tree or grass is not beautifully green and growing, it's dying. The same applies in our life as well.

🙏 OPTION 2: DO NOTHING AND IF YOU ARE LUCKY, STAY THE SAME.. If you're not fully into guitar and you just grab it every now and then, that's absolutely fine too. Unfortunately, your playing will slowly get rusty, which will eventually demotivate you to even pick the guitar and play your favourite song.

🔥🤘 OPTION 3: MAKE THE CHANGE TODAY, AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE... It's always important to keep going, learning a bit more than yesterday. Even if it's a small thing, it should be still more than yesterday. Once you start seeing progress in your playing, it will motivate you to learn more and eventually speed up the success journey.


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Here's Everything You'll Get

When You Sign Up Today

All of this, and a new you in 30 days for a single low cost payment?

  • Onboarding Accelerating Call

  • Custom Guitar Training Plan

  • 3 Modules

  • 48+ Lessons

  • 110+ Guitar Licks

  • 15+ Backing Tracks

  • 6+ Modern Techniques

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Unlimited Lifetime Access

  • Billed ONE time only


$1,421+ VALUE


Not ready to commit? Get Started For FREE!

Not ready to commit?

Get Started For FREE!

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